At nazka mapps we transform (your) data into smart and high-performant interactive maps. We enrich data, make them location-based and easily accessible. All your data become visible and useful at a glance. We are focused on mapps that matter. Our developments contribute to a better mobility, health and climate.

nazka is inspired by the 'Lineas de Nazca' or 'Nazca lines'. The shallow channels in the ground in the Nazca desert (Peru) were made between 400 and 650 AD. These simple but enormous figures are only recognizable when viewed in a larger perspective. This also reflects the approach of nazka mapps: work on the details with an overview of the whole.

nazka mapps is a young company based in Flanders (Belgium). We are a dedicated and international team of full-stack web developers, engineers, data scientists and designers. We all work together at our office in Leuven. Our team is innovative, agile, hands-on and has a strong background on mapping, remote sensing, GIS and web development.

Ann Crabbé

Project Manager

Ann makes sure projects run smoothly at nazka. She studied earth observation and used to work as a GIS specialist. Years of experience in analysis and tool development give her a strong edge in bridging client needs and technical solutions. Ann prefers running or cycling as her mode of transport and has a big heart for nature. That is also how she ended up at nazka: a beautiful combination of tech and vision. Ann's brain also does overtime: whether it is JavaScript, salsa steps or Spanish... it is always hungry for more.

Kristof Vandenbroucke

Full-stack Developer

Kristof is full stack web developer at Nazka Mapps. He has a degree in teaching computer science and history, as well as a bachelor's degree in applied computer science. During his training he did an internship at nazka, which translated into his first real work experience through his enthusiastic work and dedication. Because of his interest in a healthy environment, Kristof is actively involved in the development of applications with a societal impact. He loves indoor football and gaming and if your garden or home needs a makeover, he is thé handyman for all your odd jobs ...

Ides Bauwens

Managing Partner

Ides Bauwens is co-founder of nazka mapps. He kicks off new applications with lots of energy and quickly thinks up new ideas and possible solutions. By combining technical with social skills, he forms a strong link between customer and developers. Ides graduated as bio-engineer, and specialized in GIS, Remote Sensing and web development. In his spare time, Ides has telescopic legs, a racing bike covered with dust, and a knight costume to master four kids.

Frederic Aerts

Front-end Developer

Frederic realizes that websites are a great deal more than their static designs. When he realizes designs with code, he gets everything right – including the parts the designer got wrong. Having been a trusted advisor to companies like PwC, Wavecast, and Kunstmaan, Frederic has proven himself capable of taking on projects of any size. He excels at breaking down static designs into dynamic web components that are flexible, reusable and bulletproof. He spends his leisure time rambling on and on about the game rules of Mölkky.

Simon Driesen

Full-stack Developer

Simon Driesen holds the position of full stack web developer at Nazka Mapps. After obtaining his degree in "multimedia design", he soon realized Nazka Mapps was where he wanted to be. Besides programming he is an expert in UI design. His pastime activities include traveling by train, technological gadgets, growing plants and perfecting his pizza and banana cake recipes.

Santiago Martinez Sal

Full-stack Developer

Santiago is a full stack web developer at nazka mapps. He holds a diploma as Higher Technician in Development of Web Applications as well as a degree in Fine Arts, which combined allow him to cover every step of a web application's life cycle, from wireframing to deployment. In his free time he enjoys loosing at chess games, reading old and outdated novels, sketching, painting and traveling around. He also thought he was proficient at languages until he discovered Dutch.

Machteld Schouppe

Project Manager

Machteld is an enthusiastic (middle-aged) girl, who has found her natural habitat at nazka mapps. Machteld manages projects guided by her previous experience as a project manager and analyst / designer at large companies. Her analytical mindset and communication skills ensure that ambiguities are addressed as quickly as possible. She spends the little free time that is left – being a mother of three boys – on pilates, classical ballet and karate. Having an occasional drink with friends or colleagues also belongs to the possibilities.

Han Tambuyzer

Managing Partner

Han Tambuyzer is co-founder of nazka mapps. He likes to put the technological outlines and is strong in client tailored development and implementation of (geo-)applications and workflows . His master in bio-engineering and years of expertise as teamleader in spatial and environment-related projects add hereto. He has an eye for design and finishing touch. Han is a DIY-man with a natural preference for geeky stuff but he amuses himself still the best with the most important side issue of the world: playing football.

Ashish Vaidya

Full-stack Developer

Ashish Vaidya is a full stack web developer at nazka mapps. He has a master’s degree in "artificial intelligence and big data" and in "information and communication technology". After 5 years as a web developer in other companies, he now helps nazka with his in-depth expertise in several programming languages and tools (javascript, java, python, ...). He is very enthusiastic about science, technology, music and photography. In his free time, he likes to read books, play guitar and make char coal portraits.

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Nazka was founded in 2012 by Han Tambuyzer, Ides Bauwens and Nicolas Dosselaere. These 3 bio-engineers made out of their experience in remote sensing, geographical information and environment sciences, the transition to information technology and webapplications.