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We are Nazka Mapps
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What We Do

Mapping Partner and Mapping specialist

At Nazka Mapps, we are your go-to mapping partner and mapping expert for all your project or application needs. Our approach and expertise enable us to collaborate with you to find the optimal solution for your geodata-related challenges. With our Mapframe, we can rapidly develop applications that are both high-quality and high-performing. We can either take charge of your entire digital mapping project or provide the necessary geo-expertise to your development team.

Mapps that matter

We filter and focus based on content-relevant projects that benefit society, rather than just financial gain. We bridge the gap between the geo-ecosystem and web development, offering tailor-made geo-solutions in the cloud. We make geo-information useful and easily accessible, delivering insights to our customers. Our developments contribute to a better mobility, health, well-being and climate.

Innovation and research

At Nazka Mapps, we prioritize innovation and research to stay ahead in our field. Through collaboration with universities, colleges, and research institutions, we continuously strive to be at the forefront of the latest developments. We enjoy tackling geo-technological challenges and are happy to assist others in realizing their own geo-related goals. Our areas of expertise include Remote Sensing and engineering-related projects.

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We believe in collaboration as a key to success. Our strong commitment to our customers and ability to adapt quickly and flexibly are some of our strengths. We collaborate with engineering firms, research institutions, universities, governments, web agencies, and interest groups.

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