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Get to know our people a little better.

Our young and diverse team consists of individuals with a variety of expertise, including web developers, project managers, geodata scientists, and graphic designers.

The Nazkians (as we call ourselves) are dynamic, socially conscious, and committed.

Please find below an introduction to each Nazkian.

Ann Crabbé

Project Manager

Ann makes sure projects run smoothly at nazka. She studied earth observation and used to work as a GIS specialist. Years of experience in analysis and tool development give her a strong edge in bridging client needs and technical solutions. Ann prefers running or cycling as her mode of transport and has a big heart for nature. That is also how she ended up at nazka: a beautiful combination of tech and vision. Ann's brain also does overtime: whether it is JavaScript, salsa steps or Spanish... it is always hungry for more.

Tijs Maes

Project Manager

Tijs runs projects of nazka as project manager. He has a master in geography with specialisation in GIS and spatial modelling. As researcher at KU Leuven, he wrote a spatial model predicting rural-urban migration in rural Uganda. Projects with social relevance are his thing! Furthermore, Tijs is a real mapfreak with a passion for sustainable travelling and discovering the world. In his free time, he does some goofy projects. He wishes to cycle through all Belgian municipalities and is the official world record holder of "visiting the highest number of embassies in 24 hours"!

Han Tambuyzer

Managing Partner

Han Tambuyzer is co-founder of nazka mapps. He likes to put the technological outlines and is strong in client tailored development and implementation of (geo-)applications and workflows . His master in bio-engineering and years of expertise as team leader in spatial and environment-related projects add hereto. He has an eye for design and finishing touch. Han is a DIY-man with a natural preference for geeky stuff but he amuses himself still the best with the most important side issue of the world: playing football.

Quinten Geeraerts

Full-stack Developer

Quinten Geeraerts is a full stack web developer at Nazka Mapps. During his internship at Nazka, he realized that this could be his dream job. After obtaining his degree in Applied Informatics from UCLL, he was eager to start immediately. He never imagined developing map applications could be so challenging and fun. Quinten plays several instruments, but his favorite instrument is probably his computer. When he's not programming, he gives his best on "League of Legends" or "Minecraft" or "Valorant" or... (could go on and on).

Lien Bakelants

Project Manager

At nazka, Lien likes to supervise projects throughout different themes. Not only does she know all capital cities by heart, as a geographer in heart and soul, she also excells at everything concerning "location". She graduated with an interest in remote sensing and sustainable projects, and had her first work experience in the mobility sector. Now she utilizes her passions and an eye for "user friendly design" at nazka. Most of the time you can find her reading a book on the train, playing the harp or walking her dog.

Ides Bauwens

Managing Partner

Ides Bauwens is co-founder of nazka mapps. He kicks off new applications with lots of energy and quickly thinks up new ideas and possible solutions. By combining technical with social skills, he forms a strong link between customer and developers. Ides graduated as bio-engineer, and specialized in GIS, Remote Sensing and web development. In his spare time, Ides has telescopic legs, a racing bike covered with dust, and a knight costume to master four kids.

Steven Zegers

Full-stack Developer

Steven Zegers is a full stack web developer at nazka mapps. He studied applied informatics at UCLL, option software development. After a nice internship at nazka mapps, he was all too glad to start working here full-time. Now he develops (himself and the code) further as a real "full-stacker" and he combines effortless back-end work with front-end, within the vision of nazka. In his spare time he plays futsal, likes to play card games and will never say no to a good gin tonic!

Frederic Aerts

Front-end Developer

Frederic realizes that websites are a great deal more than their static designs. When he realizes designs with code, he gets everything right – including the parts the designer got wrong. Having been a trusted advisor to companies like PwC, Wavecast, and Kunstmaan, Frederic has proven himself capable of taking on projects of any size. He excels at breaking down static designs into dynamic web components that are flexible, reusable and bulletproof. He spends his leisure time rambling on and on about the game rules of Mölkky.

Ashish Vaidya

Full-stack Developer

Ashish Vaidya is a full stack web developer at nazka mapps. He has a master’s degree in "artificial intelligence and big data" and in "information and communication technology". After 5 years as a web developer in other companies, he now helps nazka with his in-depth expertise in several programming languages and tools (javascript, java, python, ...). He is very enthusiastic about science, technology, music and photography. In his free time, he likes to read books, play guitar and make char coal portraits.

Natnael Woldie

Full-Stack Developer

Natnael, a skilled full-stack web developer at Nazka, graduated in Software Engineering from Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) in Ethiopia. Passionate about developing map applications and with a keen eye for front-end design, he fearlessly embraced the challenge of moving to Leuven. His expertise and enthusiasm make him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving field of web development. Natnael's love for social events, diverse cultures, and his dream of becoming a guitar virtuoso further enrich his dynamic personality.

Simon Driesen

Full-stack Developer

Simon Driesen holds the position of full stack web developer at Nazka Mapps. After obtaining his degree in "multimedia design", he soon realized Nazka Mapps was where he wanted to be. Besides programming he is an expert in UI design. His pastime activities include traveling by train, technological gadgets, growing plants and perfecting his pizza and banana cake recipes.

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