Vortex Seasonal: wind speed anomalies on a map

Vortex Seasonal offers wind experts forecasts of wind speed anomalies by means of a clear map tool with interactive dashboard. This helps operators with analysing complex datasets to plan maintenance and construction of wind turbines beforehand. Vortex Seasonal was developed at the request of Vortex FDC, a Spanish company specialised in modelling wind. In Vortex Seasonal wind speed anomaly forecasts of different models can be compared, amongst other things on the map with a handy layer selector. Users can also investigate wind speed data by means of interactive data visualisations for certain locations or clusters of locations. In short Vortex Seasonal makes it possible for wind experts to interprete complex modelling data of future wind speeds in a comprehensible way. This way, companies in the wind energy sector are supported in the process of maintaining and building wind farms.
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