VertelGoed: discover cultural heritage of West-Flanders

VertelGoed helps teachers prepare lessons about the cultural heritage of West-Flanders. Teachers and students can find information about cultural heritage nearby and get to work with educational exercises. Nazka Mapps implemented VertelGoed on behalf of the heritage department of the province West-Flanders. In cooperation with the different heritage partners, the cultural heritage locations are mapped together with accompanying stories. Thanks to a unique background map with pop-ups, the heritage locations stand out nicely. An extensive search filter makes it possible to search for stories with a certain persona, theme, time period,... Each story features a persona, presented in a way like a social media profile from the past. By means of an input form and underlying CMS system, information about heritage locations can be gathered and published easily. With VertelGoed heritage partners can literally put the heritage of West-Flanders on the map and share information and inspiration for educational purposes.
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