Aquathermal energy in East Flanders: Look at the enormous potential

The province of East Flanders is looking ahead and aims to prepare its energy landscape for the future. Therefore, Extraqt and Nazka Mapps were asked to investigate and present the potential for aquathermal energy in the rivers of East Flanders. In aquathermy, a system of heat pumps extracts energy from rivers, sewers, and stagnant waters. Any building within 1 km of an energy-rich water source can be heated with green energy using this method. The results are impressive: as much as 20% of the heating demand in East Flanders can be met through aquathermy. Nazka is the perfect partner to translate this intriguing research into an interactive tool. Users can explore aquathermal possibilities for each city and village in East Flanders down to the level of a statistical sector. The dynamic nature of the rivers is illustrated through a 'straight-line-model' representation (be sure to check out our blog post). In addition to a public version, the province also wanted a private version with login access and more features. Nazka had no problem delivering on that front as well. One thing is clear: East Flanders is heading towards a green future!
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