Harvesting energy from rivers in Colombia

A river network of 25,000 km and mighty rivers like the Amazon or the Magdalena have blessed the South American country Colombia with enormous hydropower potential. To map and visualize this potential, Nazka participated in a G-STIC project together with Extraqt, Turbulent, and the VUB (Free University of Brussels). Together with Extraqt as an aquathermal energy expert, Turbulent as a micro hydropower expert, and Nazka as a mapping expert, we constructed an extensive tool that allows local governments to easily understand and visualize different water energy options. This was done by calculating the energy potentials in rivers and linking that potential to all Colombian regions, municipalities, cities, and villages. By using the build stones of our Nazka MapFrame, we could easily make a bilingual map in English and Spanish. Furthermore, you might also notice the interactive download tool at administrative level. One thing became very clear: the Colombian waters contain a huge treasure of energy potential! This way, we can move towards a more sustainable future together.
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