Straight river lines: An innovative design that facilitates navigating rivers online

1 june 2023

At Nazka, we always think along with the customer about designing their applications. When the Belgian province of East Flanders asked our partner EXTRAQT to map the aquathermal potential of the rivers in their province, we knew that we would need to come up with an intuitive and innovative way to visualize the detailed and complex thermal simulations of EXTRAQT. Customized work, our specialty!

River networks are complex and interconnected. With aquathermal energy, the water temperature is vital hence it is important to portray them correctly and clearly. If the cold water of the Dender runs into the Scheldt, the Scheldt will cool down. To show this interaction and evolution in the rivers, our partner EXTRAQT invented the concept of 'Straight river lines'. If you have been a member of a youth movement, you might be familiar with straight-line missions. The goal is, what's in a name, to get from point A to point B in a straight line.


Nazka rolled up their sleeves and translated this concept into an innovative interface to portray the river network schematically. The example below shows the river Durme. The river is shown from the source, near Daknam to its mouth into the Scheldt River near Tielrode. The scheme is designed to be completely on scale, showing the correct relative distances between cities and tributaries. The color gradient you see shows the temperature variations if aquathermal energy would be extracted. This way you can see that the city of Lokeren extracts a lot of thermal energy and significantly cools down the river. Luckily, the warm Lede River flows into the Durme a few kilometers later and heats the water downstream.Schermafbeelding-2023-06-02-095245.png

The straight river line is built by connecting individual simulation points from EXTRAQT, one for each 100m of river. This way, the scheme is also completely interactive and connected to the map. For each simulation point, detailed graphs can be calculated and drawn. On top, you can use the straight river line to navigate the East Flemish river network by clicking on the tributaries. By clicking on the names of the cities, the municipal profile will be opened. This way, we incorporate interconnectivity and improve the navigation through the application.


Nazka's expertise manifests itself in applications like this. We don't shy away from challenges and will always think of original and interactive solutions!

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