Visualizing geo-located datasets and maps in real-time for fast emergency response

1 june 2017

B-LiFE is a mobile lab deployed during international crisis situations. nazka is helping the B-LiFE team to assess the situation on the terrain in near-real-time.

B-LiFE is a highly sophisticated mobile lab that brings diagnostic capability as close as possible to crisis areas, providing an essential element of fast emergency response. The B-LiFE lab is equipped with a specialized software system which handles the different data streams during deployment. Since 2015, nazka mapps has been developing geospatial components for B-LiFE with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA). 

Recently, the Belgian B-LiFE capacity has participated in full scale exercises in Sweden and Belgium. During these exercises, the integration and combination of newly acquired satellite imagery and UAV (drone) data was successfully tested. Lab results (e.g. patient blood samples) are mapped directly when the data enters the B-LiFE system. This allows crisis managers to assess the spread of diseases in near-real time.

B-LiFE is certified by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism as an integrated module in the European Medical Corps. The lab can be mobilized for any type of emergency with health consequences, at short notice, when needed. This was already the case during the Ebola crisis in April 2015, where it was successfully deployed at an Ebola treatment center in N’Zerekore, Guinea.

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