Vortex Seasonal shows wind anomalies on a map

21 june 2022

Vortex Seasonal supports the wind energy sector by showing seasonal anomalies of wind speed on a map.

After a successful cooperation during the Climate Scale project, Vortex and nazka mapps are working together again on Vortex Seasonal. When planning and managing wind farm projects, information about wind speed anomalies on different time scales is interesting (from historical data, to monthly forecasts or predictions of future decades). In Vortex Seasonal, we focus on monthly forecasts of wind speed anomalies in the near future (6-12 months).

This map enables you to inspect data of different climate models (ECMWF, NCEP, UK MetOffice, Meteo France, DWD, CMCC, JMA) on a global scale by means of a handy layer selector. Additionally data for specific sites (locations) or clusters (grouping of locations) can be analysed by means of interactive data visualisations. Users gain access to seasonal forecasts as well as historical climate data to gain more insight in their region of interest.

The different download options (map layers, data behind the graphs,...) allow users to start working with the data themselves.

Nazka mapps succeeded in making the large amount of (complex) data of Vortex available in a user friendly interface with clear data visualisations.

Vortex Seasonal offers wind experts forecasts of wind speed anomalies by means of a clear map tool with interactive data visualisations. This enables operators to analyse complex datasets to plan the maintenance and construction of wind turbines beforehand.

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