Double your chances: look accross the border for your education with our new map

7 september 2022

Our new map helps getting information on courses from the border region to the students and parents.

On both sides of the border between Flanders and The Netherlands, there is a shortage of technical and health care professionals. In the "Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland" project "Lerende Euregio Scheldemond (LES)", 15 organisations want to create a larger, cross-boundary labor potential for companies, and a larger job market for recently graduated students.

Because boundaries are very present in people's minds: we rarely look across the border for a job or school. A map can help: not only can you search for the education of your dreams, you can also search directly for courses that focus on workplace learning: think of internships, part-time courses, company visits, and so on. In this way, a student can gain practical experience and is immediately employable after the training, which makes them the ideal candidate for future employers. Furthermore, we also know that it is not always clear what a course entails and what you can do with the programme later on. Unknown makes unloved, especially when it comes to technical educations. Promotion of bottleneck educations is therefore very important.

Getting information clearly to the student and parent is what we are after. Nazka Mapps helped build the Digital Map Training Courses. All high school courses from the border region are shown on it. In order to facilitate the bridge to working life, the map focuses specifically on types of education, workplace learning and (bottleneck) professions.

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