Velopark counting app: can we count on you?

Spacious and safe bike parking infrastructure is essential for encouraging transport by bike. An overcrowded bike parking results in a loss of time for cyclists. But how many parking spots do you need to provide? And which bike parkings are in dire need of cleaning? The new app helps answering these questions by supporting managers of bike parkings with the organisation of counting campaigns. This project originated at the behest of Fietsberaad, with the help of Pro Velo and about a dozen testers working at local authorities. To enable the counting of Velopark bike parkings, Nazka Mapps developed 3 modules: - the counting app; with a mobile first layout, offline possibilities and extra questions about the state of the bike parking - an admin module to manage campaigns as an organiser - a dashboard with download option to follow up the results of the counts Not only policy makers can get started with this, also interest groups can launch counting campaigns to address problems in bike parkings. The Velopark Counting App constitutes a nice extension of the existing possibilities of Velopark. Nazka Mapps is delighted to contribute to the road to more sustainable mobility.
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