Nina and Robbe -two students Bachelor of Applied Computer Science- are currently doing their internship at Nazka Mapps.

26 april 2023

Nazka has been collaborating with UCLL for the 6th consecutive year, offering valuable internship opportunities. This year, Nina and Robbe are working with our team on their individual projects. After completion, these projects will be further developed and utilized within Nazka's operations or even for a client's application. This ensures that their work will not go to waste.

After six years of collaboration with UCLL, we can confidently say that we know how to offer valuable internship opportunities. Our internship offerings are varied, covering different themes and technologies. Our standard internship opportunities are for full stack web developers, focusing on building web(map) applications. We also offer internships related to DevOps and architecture.

A typical internship program consists of several phases.

The first phase is the on-boarding phase, where the interns are introduced to their personal mentor and the entire team. They spend two weeks getting immersed in Nazka's stack and technologies, learning about the general workflow and getting the first notions of our DevOps approach. They also start working with the Mapframe and through exercises, they achieve local deployment of a map with their own data.

During the second phase, the specific scope of their project is presented to them. They continue to work using the scrum approach and are in contact with the entire chain, from data inventory to functional analysis, wireframing, and finally, the development and deployment of a component, feature, or complete application in the cloud.

In the final phase, the focus is on completing and testing the work that has been done. The individual project is either deployed independently or incorporated into a working application. This allows the intern to effectively contribute to an active project or be involved in the delivery of a quality feature or application.

Traditionally, the internship ends with a presentation of the work to the rest of the team and a deployed application online in the cloud. This not only gives the student a sense of accomplishment but also ensures continuity and further valorization within Nazka Mapps.


Currently, Nina and Robbe are going through the various phases and working on their individual projects.

Nina is working on a dashboard and monitoring tool that can be used internally to monitor the architecture, services, and metrics of Nazka Mapps infrastructure. This can be further used in our DevOps flow to support failure recovery, anomaly detection, and scaling of our services.

Robbe is working on making our Mapframe Embed more visual by integrating it into the Mapframe Demo. Through a simple URL, the self-chosen map configuration can be integrated into any application, such as an iframe. The ability to add your own data to your personal map configuration has also been further developed.

Nazka offers a tailored internship program. A mentor (developer) and coordinator are assigned for each internship within the Nazka team. The mentor closely guides the intern and actively collaborates through the scrum board. The coordinator serves more as a sounding board for the scope of the project and follows up on the project's functionalities and objectives.

The achievements of Nina and Robbe are then further developed and used internally in production. This way, they truly contribute to the functioning of Nazka and it is a win-win for both parties.

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