The new New European Wind Atlas

21 june 2022

NEWA 1.1 offers even more possibilities for policy makers, teachers, researchers, wind farm developers,... and other wind experts.

In 2020 almost 25% of the European energy consumption originated from renewable energy sources (22%). To become the first climate neutral continent in 2050 however, there is still a long way to go. Increasingly more people are working in the renewable energy sector, and wind energy is one of the frontrunners. Thus, more and more people need information about the wind potential in Europe.

The New Europen Wind Atlas (NEWA) is a great addition to the Global Wind Atlas, by offering more download options for the European continent. In NEWA 1.1 we therefore focus on the expansion of export options. The long-expected downloads of miscroscale data are now available, as well as an improvement of the mesoscale datasets. We improved the user-friendliness of the download panel so all NEWA users are able to download the data they need.

Furthermore we want to facilitate the possibility of users to preview and analyse data in their own way. For that reason, we expanded the legend re-scale panel to make it possible to choose your favourite colour scale. For divergent colour scales, it is even possible to select a custom middle value. This way a wind farm developer can for instance distinguish between wind speeds that are interesting (red) and values that are not interesting (blue) by means of a certain threshold value. By investing in the dynamic loading of tiles by means of the open source tile server TiTiler, the loading of map layers is quicker than ever. This way, we create a personal and fluent experience for each user.


All the data is now also requestable by API. To bridge the gap between the app and the API we added a button to copy the API request when executing a download in the download panel. This way we guide users in their search for wind data.


With this update nazka mapps is expanding the New European Wind Atlas further to cater to the extensive group of users. By investing in a personal user experience for all user profiles NEWA meets the needs of all European wind experts.

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