The New European Wind Atlas finds the perfect location for wind turbines View project

Posted on - Ides Bauwens
Wind turbines are crucial for our green energy transition. But you have to build them in places where there’s a lot of wind. That information you can now find in the New European Wind Atlas.

Wind energy is quickly becoming the most important source of renewable energy for Europe, in 2017 for example it already contributed 37% of our renewable energy generation.

Nevertheless these turbines are quite expensive to build. Which is why we need to place them in as efficient as possible places if we want that percentage to grow.

So Nazka designed a map application from which you can view and download wind speeds, air density & humidity, … throughout Europe. This map was part of the European project NEWA, which collected data on wind and designed algorithms to predict wind speeds. This way you can easily spot which areas of Europe are better suited for new turbines.

By doing this we allow companies and experts to better explore where wind turbines will produce the most energy, and in doing so we help speed up our energy transition.

This project also engages with our earlier Global Wind Atlas, which we built for the World Bank.

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