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Posted on - Nicolas Dosselaere
Air quality is a hot topic, relevant to many domains. aircheckr creates and offers the best available air quality info at an astonishing detail. It turns air quality information into something positive. By integrating aircheckr into specific applications, you empower your customers to directly or indirectly make better decisions and take actions in order to breathe better air.

Air pollution causes 467.000 deaths in Europe each year. Once a silent and underestimated killer, it is now recognized as the single biggest environmental health risk. But there is hope. Scientific research has shown that reducing your exposure to air pollution is effectively helping.

But how to do that? aircheckr provides detailed outside air quality information and tools needed to effectively reduce your exposure. It empowers people to actively or passively make better decisions and take actions in order to breathe better air. People are no longer defenceless. Improving the air at home/office or car, or reducing your exposure during biking or exercising is now possible. Together with its partners, aircheckr is working hard to integrate air quality information into a wide range of services, applications or devices.

Air quality changes greatly in space and time. Air pollution next to a highway during rush hour may differ considerably from that in the park 200 meter away. For long there was no real-time data available to reflect these differences. Aircheckr changes this completely with its real-time & detailed outside air quality information. It provides air quality information for your exact location, right now!

Aircheckr offers the best available outside air quality information. Our unique algorithms calculate the air quality information at the level of detail you need: real-time, forecasting or statistics. The aircheckr API allows a fluid machine to machine data transfer and makes it peanuts to integrate AQ into a wide variety of services.

So what air quality data can you get out the aircheckr API and widget?

For the city level (cities/municipalities, provinces, etc.), you can have now hourly, daily and yearly air quality data for almost complete EU.

  • Hourly: real-time, but also 24 hours back and the forecast for the coming 24 hours
  • Daily: yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
  • Yearly: statistics for a complete year

For the street level detail, we have real-time hourly AQ data and yearly statistics (only for Flanders for the moment).

Try now the powerfull aircheckr API yourself

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